Adult Faith Formation

We are, as part of our Baptism, challenged to a life-long journey of faith.  An essential part of that journey is continued formation.  Much like taking a road trip without a  map (or GPS), traveling through a lifetime as a Catholic without taking stock of where we are going and with whom we are traveling can lead to roadblocks, confusion, or even disaster.

We offer a wide range of Adult Formation opportunities for parishioners of Saint Catherine and Saint Sebastian.  Programs are frequently added, so check the websites and bulletins.  Some of our regular opportunities are:

Bible Study

  • Sunday Study — Each Tuesday morning (9:00-10:30 am) at Saint Catherine we break open and discuss the scripture for the up-coming Sunday.  This program is open to all and no preparation is required.
  • Little Rock Scripture Study — We have a long-established group that takes on varied topics and Books of the Bible for study.  Call the Parish Office for information about the current study.


Intergenerational Learning Sessions

Four times each year we offer Intergenerational Programs, often with a shared meal, for families participating in any Faith Formation program as well as other families and adults in the parishes.  Topics range from Seasonal Traditions and Practices,  Saints, Family Outreach and Service, and other topical subjects.

Seasonal Programs

During Advent and Lent we offer a series of studies and discussions on varied topics.  During Lent 2016 we discussed Rediscover Jesus and in 2017 we discussed Beautiful Mercy.

Topical Adult Formation

We seek to offer a variety of topics and subjects for study and discussion often linked to parish concerns and activities.  Some of our studies have included Faith and the Environment, Issues of Death and Dying in collaboration with Senior Ministries, Food and Faith in collaboration with Bread for the World.  Call the Parish Office or check the websites for information about the current study.