May 2, 2017

Report from the Stewardship Committee

The Archdiocese is concerned about long-term planning for carrying out the mission of the Church in Southeastern Wisconsin. To that end, they recommend each parish form a Stewardship Committee to aid the Pastor, the parish staff and Pastoral Council. Saint Catherine’s Stewardship Committee began to meet in late 2015.

The Archdiocese has supported our efforts by conducting a Stewardship Assessment in November 2016, attended by approximately 40-50 parishioners. The skeleton of the results of that meeting are reported below, along with recommendations from the Archdiocesan Stewardship Office.

The recommendations for our parish seem to be consistent with recommendations for most parishes in the Archdiocese, according to the information we were able to gather. The task of our Stewardship Committee is to consider the recommendations and make suggestions to the Pastoral Council for their implementation in our parish.

The assessment consisted of rating parish activities in the following areas, which are followed by how we rated ourselves as a parish.

Gratitude  –  73%

Spiritual & Physical Environment    –  70%

Parish Worship  –  65%

Communications  –  60%

Financial Stewardship  –  57%

Time & Talent  –  42%

Stewardship Formation & Education  –  26%

The majority of verbatim comments focused on outreach from the parish to the Sherman Park community.

The themes that follow are drawn primarily from the point rankings attained through the assessment.

1. The need to form and train a Stewardship Committee to shepherd stewardship planning and activities.

2. The need for stewardship education and formation at all levels.

3.  A lack of understanding about the holistic nature of stewardship and the need for one clear definition of stewardship that resonates throughout the parish.

4.  A need to review and revise the traditional activities; the Talent recruitment and follow-up processes as well as annual enhanced offertory process.

The recommendation is for the Stewardship Committee to develop a 1-3-year plan that should include:

 1.  Developing a plan for stewardship formation with the Pastoral and Finance Councils which will include resources for use with parishioners at large.

 2.  Reviewing the current process of inviting ministry/volunteer participation. Revise this process as resources allow; develop a ministry guide and support processes.

 3.  Developing a communications plan.

Recommendations by assessment category were detailed in the report.  Successful long-term implementation of these recommendations will depend on an effective stewardship committee that can work collaboratively within the structure of available parish resources. The recommendations are presented as a framework to be “customized” by parish leadership based on their knowledge of this parish community, designed to work within the parameters of available resources.

“Parishioners must accept responsibility for their parishes and contribute generously – both money and service – to their programs and projects.  The success or failure of parish programs, the vitality of parish life or its absence, the ability or inability of a parish to render needed services to its members and the community depend upon all.”

 Stewardship A Disciples Response, U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter

Meetings are held in the Rectory usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month, however this month’s meeting is Monday, May 22, at 9 AM. We invite other parishioners who would like to join the Stewardship Committee to come to listen and share, or to speak to one of the Committee members about your interests.


Your Stewardship Committee,

Mary Krolikowski (chair,) Tim Charek, Joe Charek, Annie Wiesen (Pastoral Council liaison) and Carole Poth.