Human Concerns Ministry

If we live the Gospel we will be People of Justice, and our lives will be Good News to the poor.

Our MISSION:  Based on the demands of Sacred Scriptures, and responding to our Baptismal commitment, the St. Catherine Human Concerns Ministry creates a vision and strategy that enables parishioners to reach out in charity, compassion and justice for those in need. Along with the direct service of charity the St. Catherine Human Concerns Ministry engages the parish in justice education, empowerment and advocacy efforts.

Our VISION: Includes efforts to:

  •      – Develop and nurture ministries that address communal and pastoral issues and realities;
  •      – Provide direct human services to the suffering and the poor;
  •      – Organize and join with others to change those structures that cause or exacerbate poverty;
  •      – Create formational opportunities, ensuring that social ministry work remains rooted in Scripture
  •        and Catholic Social Teaching;
  •      – Establish good communication systems that keep the entire parish and community informed and engaged;
  •      – Determine budgetary needs and administer approved financial resources;
  •      – Establish mutual engagement with neighbors in our geographic area, both organizations and individuals; and
  •      – Collaborate with St. Sebastian Parish in our efforts to serve those in need.


Specific ministries under the umbrella Committee for Human Concerns include:

THE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY provides emergency food, shelter and clothing to parishioners and neighbors in need. Volunteer caseworkers help evaluate needs and coordinate assistance.

–  For assistance call: 462-7837.
–  To volunteer contact Marge Brewer through the parish office at 445-5115.

FOOD PANTRY St. Catherine Parish operates an on-site food pantry to provide our guests with a supply of food to take home in an effort to meet the nutritional needs of our neighbors and friends.  The Food Pantry is currently operating once a month as we bring in a new director and re-locate to the Community Center.

SUSTAINABLE LIVING.   To care for the Earth is to share with God in the act of Creation.  Living sustainably is an important aspect of our Christian Catholic way of life.   Catholic Social Teaching is concerned with not only human rights and justice, but also with the welfare of the planet.  Being pro-life includes being concerned about all of life, and living so that there is enough for everyone, forever.  The Sustainable Living Committee works in collaboration with the Sustainable Living Committee at St. Sebastian parish.

Click here for an update on activities.

SENIOR MINISTRY  a collaboration of the Milwaukee Westside Catholic Parishes (Saint Catherine, Saint Sebastian and Mother of Good Counsel parishes.)

COMMON GROUND is a group of nonpartisan, proactive, everyday citizens in Southeastern Wisconsin, dedicated to identifying pressing social problems facing our community and bringing about creative solutions.


Additional ministries include: